MWQ Estate Planning have extensive experience in dealing with all matters related to Probate and Estate Planning.

When a loved one dies, their property and other assets need to be dealt with. This can be done by applying for a Grant of Probate where there is a will, or Letters of Administration where there is not a Will.

The person who applies for this will either be set out in the Will as an Executor, or be set out under the Intestacy Rules as the Administrator. Both methods achieve the same end goal, in that the applicant will receive a legal document allowing them to deal with the estate of their loved one.

We can assist you in obtaining this certificate through our Probate Assistance Service.

Our Service includes:

  1. One of our Senior Estate Planning Consultants will obtain the information required for the application
  2. If applying with a Will, we will ensure that the Will is valid and will be accepted by the Courts
  3. If there is no Will, we will gather the relevant information on the family tree to see who can apply and who will benefit from the Estate
  4. Prepare any additional documents, such as letters, that are required to be sent.
  5. We will prepare and post all of the documents to HMCTS to being processing your application on your behalf.

The MWQ Guarantee

We will assess each case on the facts presented to us and assist you in any way that we can. For estates under the excepted limits we will deal with the application in house.

If the estate is over the excepted limits or, the circumstances surrounding the estate are more complex, we will refer your case on to our partners Zedra who will be able to provide you with expert advice on IHT issues and how best to deal with the estate moving forward. They will also be able to provide you with a full estate administration service which will remove all responsibilities from you and deal with everything for you.

Losing a loved one is already a difficult time, so we here at MWQ Estate Planning want to make the next steps as easy and as simple as possible.

You can start this process from the comfort of your own home so that you don’t have to worry about visiting a local solicitor or meeting face to face which can be daunting during this time.

couple couple signing on legal documents in presence of a estate planning solicitors

Swift, Professional & Compassionate

MWQ Estate Planning deals solely with Estate Planning needs. This means that we can be much quicker and more cost effective than going to your local high street solicitor plus all of our fees and any disbursements are outlined at the outset.


There are no surprise fees later on down the line. We are governed by multiple regulatory bodies including the Society of Will Writers, with our head of legal being a full member of the society. The benefits of dealing with an organisation who deal solely with estate planning not only include time efficiency and price, but also attitude.


We at MWQ Estate Planning fully understand and appreciate how difficult losing a loved one can be and we deal with these matters on a daily basis.


Request a FREE CONSULTATION with us and discuss the best options based on your circumstances.

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We are members of  the Society of Will Writers who govern our practices.

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